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PVC Shoulder Mobility and Prep for Training

 Shoulder mobility and prep for kettlebell training. from How To Kettlebell on Vimeo.

Here is the TXKB PVC Mobility series that we use at Texas Kettlebell Academy.

Start with 5-10 reps of:
1. Shoulder dislocations (front to back)
2. Shoulder dislocations (back to front)
3. Diagonal each side (focus on top stretch)
4. Side to Side (Alternating)
5. Front to Back (each side)
6. Front to Back (Alternating)
7.  Full Shoulder Circles

The Shoulder dislocations, we picked up from Oleg Kechko, a Belarusian weightlifting coach based here in Austin, the diagonals we pick up from Ivan Denisov who showed me these by using a weightlifting belt, the Side to Sides or "monkey swings" are just an alternating version of what we learned from Denisov, the front to backs come from ROSS martial art training and the full shoulder circles we picked up from Denis Vasilev.

A few extra positions, demonstrated by Jessica Gorman.

Side bend from squat position
Neck stretch using PVC.

 Denis Vasilev's PVC Mobility/Warmup Routine. from How To Kettlebell on Vimeo.

And a bonus video I shot in Russia of Denis Vasilev's personal PVC program. Mikhail uses a Jumprope to do these.

--Aaron Vyvial

I am available for long distance online coaching and I offer video review submissions. The TXKB Kettlebell Sport team is one of the most successful in the US and our ladies were vital in the movement to popularize two-arm lifting for women in competition.

Contact our facebook page for online coaching and technique video review.

Aaron Vyvial

TXKB Head Coach
Texas Kettlebell Academy Founder
Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy Founder

Coach Vyvial, opened one of the first and oldest kettlebell gyms in the USA back in 2004 and he is the Head Coach of one of the most successful kettlebell teams in the USA. He was the first ever certified coach of the AKA/IUKL, the first and one of the only known students of the legendary Sergey Mishin and the first certified KetAcademy Master Coach in the USA. He has trained to be a coach with the best kettlebell athletes in the world and now he is ready to share his secrets and stuff with you.

KetAcademy Master Coach (lv 1, 2 and 3)
MKST-L1: Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer
OKC: level 1
RGSI-L3 Coach: Russian Girevoy Sport Institute
AKA/IUKL Coach: American Kettlebell Alliance
IKFF CTC 1&2: International Kettlebell Fitness Federation
IKLF State Director/Cert instructor: International Kettlebell Lifting Federation (former)
USAKL/Bolt State Director: United States America Kettlebell Lifting (former)
Renegade Training: Strength and Conditioning Coach
CST: Circular Strength Training (2005)
KBNY HIKF Trainer: High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness

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